A Good Day for a DREAM

I’m going to go off topic today because it’s a holiday.  Some of you have kids home from school today or you may have the day off work.  Let’s stop for a moment and pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   Hopefully we can remember what it is like to love one another, actually listen to one another, respect one another and to remember that everybody is an equal.  Our world seems to get nastier, angrier and more divided by the minute.   My hope is that today can be just a little different.  Can we all take a break from the bullshit and just be kind to one another for 24 hours in Dr. King’s memory?

I hope the news channels have nothing to report tonight but acts of kindness on the evening news.  I hope that everyone was smiled at today.  I hope that you got waved into a line of traffic instead of being flicked off or cut off.  I hope that somebody thought to pay it forward and bought your coffee in the drive through line.  I hope that a total stranger said good morning or good afternoon to you and you greeted it with a smile and some conversation.

It’s been 55 years since King’s infamous “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln monument in Washington D.C.  We have made progress in civil rights issues since that day, but has it been enough?  Would Dr. King be confident we’ve done all that we could to get here.  We are still a country with racial issues, segregation, and divided in our truths.  We still have trouble with equality.  There is a new  #Me Too movement being spearheaded by the women in Hollywood to stop the sexual harassment and assault of women that is going on in their industry as well as other industries across America.

It seems that Dr. King’s work put us on the right path but it’s up to us and future generations to continue his work making sure that we’re all equals.  We all need to keep working for change.  Take a moment today and do something very Dr. King like in his honor.  Thanks for indulging me in my soap box moment.