Bern Baby Bern

On Sunday I got to see my favorite Yankee and favorite baseball player Bernie Williams number retirement ceremony in Yankee Stadium. It was a special night that some like me think was long overdue. I miss seeing Bernie in center field.

Bernie was my favorite player because he was competitive, a quiet leader, and just an everyday player. He wasn’t flashy. He had no tattoos and didn’t wear any big chains around his neck. He just went out and played. There were no headlines or tabloid articles about him. The only reason he was on Sports Center was for a post season hit or a diving catch.

He has the numbers to chat about a Hall of Fame possibility. He ended a 16 year career with a lifetime batting average of .297, 2336 hits, and 1257 career RBI’s. If he never goes to Cooperstown I’m okay with it. I still love Bernabe. He was a class act his whole career and I will always remember the way he played the game.

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