Fly Eagles Fly

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on your first Super Bowl victory.  As a baseball fan I celebrate because with football over it means baseball season is just around the corner.  I want baseball news and highlights to begin to creep into Sportscenter each morning with live video of green grass, blue skies filled with sunshine and white baseballs being thrown about.

The thought of hearing the baseball language again with terms like 40 man roster,  5 man rotation, and utility player makes me smile.  This off season seems to have moved as slow as Bartolo Colon running the bases.  Everyday we get closer to Opening Day with still so many quality free agents unsigned.  Where will they all land? Or will they land at all?  This year teams aren’t thrilled about signing thirty something year old players to 5 plus year contracts.  Baseball has become the sport of youth and that young talent pool comes with a lot cheaper price tag.

On the opposite end of the youth spectrum will the forty-four year old Bartolo Colon make the Rangers team? Will the fifty-three year old Rafael Palmeiro really complete a comeback.  I think we all want to see what happens to these two  veterans as we all can cheer for a comeback just like most of America was cheering for the under dog yesterday.

Good news is Mike Trout’s team won the Super Bowl last night (photo from his Twitter feed below) and we are only 18 days away from watching live baseball again.

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