Friday Feeling

Baseball by Becky Logo

I had a busy day yesterday that started with an 8:15 appointment and ended with not one but two holiday parties last night.  Needless to say my blog for yesterday got shelved. My apologies although I have to be honest and say I’m not sure there was a groundbreaking blog that didn’t get to print.

So the Winter Meetings are now over and it’s Friday and baseball is starting to head towards the holidays with Spring Training just down the road.  I am starting to gear up for this years season working on my new website and researching everything from what makes good blog content to who’s who in Major League Baseball. There’s a lot to learn on my end but I love to read and learn so for me it’s fun.

My dear friend Kristie who’s a graphic designer in her spare time designed a logo for me after only 2 revisions. My idea was to just have a profile of a woman any woman in her baseball cap with her ponytail.  That woman ended being me.  I took a side profile of myself at about 5:30am in the morning and text it to her and this is what came from that.   Typewriter font because it’s just a classic look and I can still remember my infatuation with my Grandad’s typewriter so it’s special in that it reminds me of him.

I welcome and appreciate any feedback on the logo.  Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!