A New Year and a New Commissioner

2015 will bring all types of new things to the upcoming baseball season. I think the biggest change to baseball will be its 10th Commissioner, Rob Manfred. The 55 year old Manfred takes over on January 25th for the departing 80 year old Bud Selig who has held the position for the last 20+years.

Manfred has been serving as the Chief Operating Officer for Major League Baseball for the past year. He’s a New Yorker, an Attorney and has been working with baseball since 1987 mostly dealing with collective bargaining. Selig has been at the helm for 20+ years and has been infamous for getting unanimous votes from owners.

These two are at different points in their lives and come from different backgrounds. I think Selig was at a point where he couldn’t relate to most of the players and fans. We’ll see which direction Manfred can take America’s pastime. I am excited for the change in leadership and am curious to see what Manfred will do his first year in office. A toast to new leadership and to 2015!