A Season Finale with More Drama than Melrose Place

I proudly admit watching Melrose Place from start to finish in the 90’s.  It was a nighttime soap opera that aired weekly right after 90210.  The show revolved around the lives of young people that lived in an apartment complex together.  It’s writers never held back, creating the most absurd story lines that were at times laughable but kept me watching.  Melrose Place series finale was one of all time best.  I still remember thinking they had exhausted every single story line by the end of it with the building exploding.  I discovered the writers had a sense of humor uncovering the title of that final episode, Asses to Ashes. 

MLB Season Finale

The final day of the 2018 season had to be written by the some of those same Melrose Place writers. I always hear from those that don’t watch baseball how boring it is.  It’s not boring if you know what’s really happening.  September 30th had plenty of twists, turns and cliffhangers.  Enough to make us thing we were watching a soap opera.  Let’s start with .247 which is the batting average of Oakland’s outfielder Khris Davis.  It’s not just his batting average for 2018 but it is the batting average he’s finished with four seasons in a row.  He is the first Major League player to do this.  Khris “Consistent” Davis also finished the season as the league leader in  home runs (48).

Goodbyes Are Not Forever

We already knew Mike Sociasia, Joe Mauer, and Hunter Pence were going to say their good byes.  We had our chance to prepare ourselves unlike a Melrose Place character who was suddenly killed or just disappeared from the storyline.  Sociasia retired after managing the Los Angeles Angels for 19 seasons.  As a child I remember watching him play catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers and how he was such an easy player to approach for an autograph.

Joe Mauer played what is most likely his final game in Minnesota to the cheers and tears of Twin fans. Mauer was joined on field by his 2 young daughters and even went back behind the plate to catch one final time.  A Minnesota native he was drafted by the Twins and played 15 seasons for them.  He is a six time All-Star winning 5 Silver Sluggers, 3 Gold Gloves and the 2009 MVP.  Mauer is the only American League catcher to win not 1 but 3 batting titles.

Quirky Outfielder Hunter Pence said farewell to San Francisco Giant fans as only Hunter Pence can.  Pence rendered a heart warming speech and rode around the ballpark on his new scooter that the club had given to him as a gift.

Not So Boring Notables for September 30th

  • Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon hits for the cycle.
  • New York Yankee infielder Miguel Andujar ties a Major League record hitting 47 doubles as a rookie.
  • The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees played each other, both clubs having 100 wins that play in the same division.
  • Kansas City Royal Whit Merrifield ends up with the most steals in MLB 45 and the most hits in the season after hitting a single in the eighth inning.  This hasn’t been accomplished since Ichiro Suzuki did it in 2001.

NL West Cat Fight

The Los Angles Dodgers swept the San Francisco Giants in their final series of the season.  The Giants wanted so badly to be the spoiler and kick the inter league rival the Dodgers out of the playoffs.  San Francisco even sent it’s ace Madison Bumgardner to the mound in a clear attempt to put an end to the Dodgers season.  Instead the Dodgers won the series with Max Muncey hitting a home run out of AT&T Park and into the water of McCovey Cove.

The Cliffhanger

At the end of the 2018 season 4 teams who all had to win did and ended up tied in the standings.  The Los Angeles Dodgers, the Colorado Rockies, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Chicago Cubs were all knotted up after 162 games.  These teams had to suddenly play an extra game to decide which team won the division and which team would become the Wild Card team and play in a one game elimination game.

To those that say baseball is boring.  I say what else could you want from a sport on it’s final day of the season?  The intriguing story lines and dramatic finishes are alive and well in Major League Baseball.  The diamond drama never gets old to me.  Since Melrose Place is no longer on I’ll get my soap opera fix by watching baseball.


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