A Week Off from Baseball

I took a week off of baseball traveling to Prague in the Czech Republic.  Prague is no longer a bucket list city for me.   A trip I will be forever grateful for being able to take.  I encourage everybody to visit Praha as they spell it as it’s beauty is not only jaw dropping but endless.

Taking a week off from the baseball season in early May I thought how much could I miss.  I learned that you can miss quite a bit.  Just a few things took place on the diamond while I was gone.

I started my journey with a 10 hour flight to Oslo Norway and a layover in which I was mostly incoherent.  I was so exhausted only waking up when I needed food or to use the restroom.  I didn’t plan on looking for baseball items along the journey,  they just found me.  I posted this picture on Instagram so people believed me and didn’t think I was creating this Yankee slant.

The photo was taken in a sports store in the airport.  A rack of baseball hats clearly dominated by Yankee Nation.  That Yankee theme continued throughout Prague, Vienna, and even Copenhagen.  New York Yankee hats were literally the only MLB hats I ever spotted on heads (with the exception of one Dodger and one Cub hat).   In a country where English isn’t spoken often I guess you begin to easily spot things that remind you of home.

After walking around Prague for a few days I realized the why behind the New York hats.  The US is whittled down to the bustling cities of New York and Los Angeles.  There were travel posters with palm trees and sunshine of LA on the walls in the Metro.  In clothing stores the only things on t-shirts were the words New York or LA.  They view these cities as the places to be if you’re in America.

I explored and walked through several amazing parks in Prague.  Not one baseball field.  I did spot a game of soccer being played in the Kings Park in Copenhagen along with seeing clay tennis courts for the first time.  Televisions in pubs displayed hockey or soccer, no baseball.

It’s good to be home and back in the land of convenience.  I am slowly getting back to our time zone and back to being able to stay awake to watch nightly baseball games.  I took a week off but the Major League teams are still grinding away going through their 162 game season.  They’ll get their week off in October or November depending on their playoff success.

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