I watched the final game of the Subway Series last night and noticed that when Arod came up to bat that people were actually cheering. I am puzzled why would people clap or cheer for him? I’m a Yankee fan and having Arod on my team is like having a large hairy wart on your face. I never include him in any discussions about my teams wins or losses. I try to act like he’s not on the team and have for years now. Last year was easy since he was suspended and we could all just forget that Arod was a Yankee.

I know he’s up there on the all time Home Run list and last night hit number 659 one shy of Willie Mays for fourth place all time. All of which is showcased on It’s funny how the league turns on you and suspends you for an entire season yet is happy to highlight your home runs because it benefits them.

Anyways back to Afraud who has done nothing but lie to the fans, lie to his teams, and lie to himself. Maybe the people in the stands last night don’t remember that he left Seattle in 2000 the team that drafted him out of high school for a Texas sized paycheck with the Rangers. Maybe they don’t remember the whole doping scandal and how Afraud lied for years about doping. Maybe the don’t remember the phony emotion during the press conferences or the ridiculous hand written apology. I would like to think they were all too young and are simply cheering for Afraud because they’re unaware and just cheering for a player on their team.

I do not cheer for Afraud. He is unworthy to me. He has not won back my fan vote. He’s simply in the game at this point to add to his lifetime stats. That’s fine if he wants to stroke his ego and add to his “legacy” however I won’t clap, I won’t whistle, and I won’t ever yell when he steps to the plate. I know he wears a Yankee uniform but he is not a Yankee.