Brotherly Love for Jake Arrieta

Let’s talk about Jake Arrieta.  The pitcher who was one of the most talked about free agents this off-season.  This is a  guy who has won a Cy Young a World Series and a Silver Slugger.  He’s the serious looking bearded pitcher we all picture wearing Cubbie blue.

Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love

Arrieta now is a member of the Philadelphia Phillies after sitting on the market all off-season.  He’ll again wear the same team colors as the Cubs red, white and blue. Patriotic colors make sense for Philadelphia.  Betsy Ross was born in Philadelphia. It’s where our Declaration of Independence  and the Constitution were signed and where the Liberty Bell still sits.  A city that served our founding fathers well as our temporary capital while Washington D. C. was being built.

Arrieta’s numbers last season weren’t stellar and his ERA was up for the first time since 2013 when he joined the Chicago Cubs.  He pitched 168 innings compared to the 197 the previous season.

More 2017 season stats:
  • Home runs- gave up 7 more than 2016 season
  • Strikeouts- gave up 27 less than 2016 season
  • Batters Faced-  88 less than 2016 season
  • Games Started- one less game than 2016 season
  • Win/Loss-  18/8 for 2016 and 13/10 for 2017
  • ERA- was up .43 from the 2016 season

There are serious concerns about  his velocity loss and at 32 years old that velocity probably isn’t coming back.   My take on Arrieta is a guy who wants to prove all those that didn’t sign him wrong.  He has the drive to do so.  After sitting on the market so long this off-season he’s got something to prove.

Picture the shot of Rocky running up the famous steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the entire city running behind him.   Will that be Arrieta?  Is he the player that helps the Phillies get back on track and back to the playoffs since 2011?  The Eagles won their first Super Bowl this year.  Maybe the magic continues in the city of brotherly love with the Phillies.

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