Babe Freaking Ruth

I begin with a quote from the movie the Sandlot regarding Babe Ruth. The Sultan of Swat! The King of Crash! The Colossus of Clout! The Great Bambino…BABE RUTH!! The Babe was born on this day in 1895 and I think it’s only fair that he’s my topic today.

I realize not everybody knows or follows baseball but even those people know the name George Herman “Babe ” Ruth Jr.  For those that don’t know the story he began his baseball career as a lefty pitcher for the Boston Red Sox winning 23 games in a season twice.  The Red Sox traded him to the New York Yankees in 1919 and the 86 year curse of the Bambino ensued. The Red Sox finally breaking that curse in 2004.

In his 15 years with the Yankees he helped them win 4 World Series and 7 American League championships.  Most baseball enthusiasts would call Ruth the most famous baseball player of all time.  Ruth hit 60 home runs in a single season in 1927 as part of the infamous “Murderers Row” lineup.  His stocky frame and swing were monumental along with was his larger than life personality.  He reportedly pointed and called his home run shot to center field bleachers at Wrigley Field in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series.

Career Stats (courtesy of baseball reference)-

AB 8399 /R 2174 /H 2873 /BA .342 /HR 714 /RBI 2214 /SB 123 /OPS 1.164 /SLG .690

Most of you probably know his career home run number of 714, as it stood as the Major League Record for almost 40 years until Hank Aaron broke it in 1974.  His SLG, slugging percentage and OPS on base percentage + slugging records still stand today.  The career number I was most surprised by was SB which is stolen bases at 123. When I see any photos or video of Ruth I don’t think of him as a speedster.

Babe Ruth passed away on August 16, 1948 from cancer.  He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural group in 1936.  He’s still regarded as one of the greatest sports figures in American culture.  Happy Birthday to you Babe!

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