Back to the Grind

It’s Monday and I’m back at home and back to the normal 8am to 5pm gig. Baseball trip was great. I enjoyed my time at the Great American Ballpark. First rain delay I’ve ever experienced. Got quite wet and yes the tarp got pulled out and all the fans went to the concourse to dry off or wet their whistles.

I met some great baseball fans but typically we always do. It’s always fun to swap stories about teams, players, and ballparks. The Reds lost to the Padres 5-2. Most Red fans seemed to think there is no hope for them this year. After the All Star Game they think that the Reds will make some trades.

My review of the Great American Ballpark is that the staff and fans are friendly and the ballpark is very clean and new. It just seemed to miss the mark. They tried to mix their history with the current day and it didn’t work for me. They have the river views in the background but for me it’s not my favorite. I did have great seats, sitting just past the dugout on the 3rd base side 3 rows back. It didn’t look like there were any bad seats and it did seem that they are geared to kids/families.