Ballpark Fare – Do you Dilly Dog It?

Each season ballparks create some ridiculous food combination that’s typically fried to create a buzz around the newest over the top ballpark fare. This year has been the year of the Dilly Dog. The Texas Rangers and Globe Life Park in Arlington  unveiled this years hot item you have to buy and try just to say you did.

It’s the Dilly Dog.  What is a Dilly Dog well it’s a dill pickle that’s hollowed out and stuffed with a hot dog then deep-fried with a corn dog outer crust and served on a stick.  Sounds delicious right?  Instagram users have used the #dillydog hashtag 1,052 times already this season.  One of those Instagram users commenting that it wasn’t worth the hour wait beneath their Dilly Dog photo.  Ingredients used are local with Best Maid pickles and hot dogs from Texas Chili Co.

Because of the social media buzz they are now selling 800 a game and a second Dilly Dog stand was opened(Courtesy Delaware North Sportservice).  The Dilly Dog sells for $10 and you can add your own condiments to suit your taste.  It goes hand in hand with a Bud Light which coined the phrase Dilly Dilly in their popular recent commercials.  Ranger fans can also buy and consume an item called the Boomstick that has been selling since 2012.  It’s a 2 ft long hot dog that goes for $27. 

Is Ballpark Fare Making Us Fat?

Look around next time you’re at a baseball game and take note.  Who are the people sitting next to you in your row, in your section or across the aisle from you?  Are they wedged into their seats barely fitting inside the armrests?  Are they sprawling out into the aisle because they physically have to?  Did they arrive with hands full of concession items and then get up every other inning to go consume something else? You all know what I’m talking about.  Maybe some of you are these people.

I understand about letting loose with your food choices for a special occasion or while on vacation.  There are 81 home games during the baseball season.  Imagine being a Texas Rangers season ticket holder and this ballpark fare for dinner 81 times this year.  It makes me sick to my stomach.

Google fat or obese baseball fans and you’ll see more articles about overweight baseball players than fans.  Bartolo Colon, CC Sabathia and Babe Ruth are named in those articles.  Unable to find any statistics on the heaviest fan base in Major League Baseball, I went another route looking at America’s fattest cities.  I wanted to see if there was a direct correlation between what they were serving at the ballpark and the unhealthy fan.

The 10 Fattest Cities in America- (according to the website WalletHub)

10. Knoxville, TN

9. Winston-Salem, NC

8. Lafayette, LA

7. Mobile, AL

6. Chattanooga, TN-GA

5. Shreveport-Bossier City, LA

4. McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX

3. Little Rock-North Little-Rock Conway, AR

2. Memphis, TN-MS-AR

1. Jackson, MS

None of these top ten cities have a Major League team.  Notice how the South dominates the list.  Is it the heat that makes people want to eat unhealthy fried food or is tradition?  I understand that people tend to let go because of special occasions or when on vacation but the pile of crap I have seen people consume in 9 innings of baseball has blown my mind.

I won’t apologize for being a fairly clean eater only sticking to real food.  It is an absolute challenge for me to choose foods at ballparks.  I tend to be on the cheaper side so I’d rather invest more money on getting good seats than spend my money on processed foods that will put me on the toilet for the next two days.  I know it’s all a personal preference thing and to that I say Dilly Dilly.

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