Baseball is Fun to Watch

Last night I was giddy. It could have been the hard cider I had at my hair appointment or it could have been that MLB channel was going back and forth between about 4 games. It just brought a smile to my face. To hear announcers again and watch the Pirates win a game in extra innings was just relaxing, refreshing and pure fun.

I enjoy having baseball on our tv again. For me it’s something I have always known. Years ago I was living with my then boyfriend and was switching between the channels on the tv in his parents kitchen. I settled on a baseball game. I remember his mom asking me if that was really what I was going to watch. She seemed surprise that I would watch a baseball game during the prime time hour. It was absolutely what I wanted to watch. For me it’s what I know and what I’m completely comfortable with, just like a fuzzy blanket from childhood. I am so glad baseball is back.