Lids, Caps, or Hats- What Are You Shopping For?

I decided to do a little online shopping yesterday.  I was looking for baseball hats or “lids” as the cool kids call them now.  I wanted to see what’s new out there for this upcoming baseball season.  I am impressed that websites now have a tab specifically for women’s hats as that hasn’t always been the case.  I have purchased lots of mens hats or youth hats over the years.  My small noggin saves me about $10 a hat because I can wear a youth size.  I lucked out at last years World Series in Los Angeles because they only had youth sizes left in the hat I wanted.

I completely understand why most baseball gear is tailored for the male fan.  Only 30% of Major League Baseball’s fan demographic is female according to  (  I prefer the mens hat designs but most of the time they end up being a bit too big for my head.


Ladies I recommend shopping on  New Era is the Official on field hat for Major League Baseball.  On their website they have 163 baseball hat options for women.  FANTASTIC right? The best news is that most of the women’s hats actually resemble what players wear and aren’t all pink, white or sequined.  They have team logos with a plain colored hat in navy, black, army green, red or yellow for most teams.  They also have some really great mens hats in greys which stand out.

New Era sells hats that are flat billed along with hats that have a folded or curved brim.  I stand firmly against the flat bill – it’s something I can’t comprehend and I can’t be converted on the subject.  I must have the fold.  The fold makes it feel and look as if it’s been used or worn before instead of coming right off a shelf like the flat bill.


Another company I support and have bought from is ’47 as in 1947.   They are a family owned company based out of Boston.  I own a few of their hats and you can find them online at  They tend to go for the glam with there women’s styles including the pink (see photo above), sequins, trucker style and leopard print.  While that may work for some of you ladies it’s just not my style.  If that’s the case you can always shop their mens or youth collections.

The next game I go to I’m going to take note of what types of hats the ladies are wearing.  Will I see more leopard print than trucker style?   Or will the actual hat the players wear out number all those flashy ones?  Stay tuned for that blog.

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