No Customer Service at

It’s Opening Day for Major League Baseball.  Fist pumps all around because baseball is back.  All 30 teams (except for the weather postponements in Cincinnati and Detroit) are playing games today. Major League Baseball hasn’t had all 30 teams play on Opening Day since 1968. Today, March 29th is the earliest start to the baseball season that I have ever seen.

I have been trying for the last 2 hours to call customer service at  Half of my calls are dropped after connecting or I go through a queue only once again to be dropped.  I am unable to get through to talk to a live person to figure out why none of today’s games are available on audio.  I have tried 2 games and can’t get the feed to play on them for some reason.

The Customer Service number is 866-800-1275

I wanted to listen to some of today’s games on my computer.  I paid my annual fee before the season began.  They keep sending me a pop up that wants me to upgrade to but I prefer to listen games instead of watch a game online.  I can still work and do other things while just the audio feed is on.  I also get to listen to announcers in cities that I don’t live in and get a feel for what their team or town is like.

Just got the audio for the Minnesota Twins vs Baltimore Orioles to work and am now listening to the Twins radio feed WCCO.  Still no luck with MLB just got a busy signal with their 800 number.  I wonder if they are understaffed or just getting way more calls than they planned for.  Did they not get the memo about it being Opening Day? Did nobody tell them that all 30 teams were playing today?  Did they underestimate that online usage and subscriber questions were going to be at an all time high?

Giancarlo Goes Deep

Just heard on the Twins feed that Giancarlo Stanton hit a home run in his first at bat as a Yankee.  Switching over to the New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays feed and am now listening to the New York feed of WFAN.   Yankees are up 2-0 in the bottom of the first.  The veteran announcers of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman are telling me about the power hitters of the Blue Jays.  Sterling’s voice is smooth and just feels right for baseball.

A few games have already wrapped with the Chicago Cubs beating the Miami Marlins 8 to 4 and the New York Mets beating the St. Louis Cardinals 9 to 4.   Haven’t been able to confirm if Marlins Man was at the game and if he was wearing his trademark orange jersey and visor.  I am guessing he was not in attendance as there are no photos on the @Marlins_Man Twitter account and I don’t spot him behind home plate on the Ian Happ home run videos.

Back to my calls to MLB customer service.  Still no connection  yet.  I am consider myself a happy customer as I am now getting an audio feed and baseball is being played once again.  The good news is while their customer service department is lacking today their product is fantastic.  I’m learning about today’s ceremonial first pitches, the retirement of Roy Halladay‘s number Toronto and who homered in their first at bats.

Tomorrow I will try calling again to see what rules surround the feeds in regards to blackouts.  It could have been operator error.  I was unable to listen to the first 2 games of the day.  In case you are interested in pricing package for all teams is $115.99 a year and $89.99 for just one team.  I’m cheap and prefer radio so I paid $19.99 for the audio feed.   Happy Opening Day!

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