Cyber Monday Spending Money

It’s that time of year again when there are deals and steals on every website and at every store you shop in. We are bombarded with things we can buy for our friends or family at half off, with free shipping, or at all time low pricing. The Houston Astros should be able to go big on their holiday purchases as they just received their playoff shares from a record-breaking pool.

Their record-breaking share amounts are $438,901.57 per person. Breaking the old record of the 2014 San Francisco Giants at $392,006.36. The Astros team voted to pay out 60 full shares along with 9.23 partial shares. Teams are able to vote on who the shares go to including clubhouse staff, training staff, coaches, etc. For the Astros young players this is significant because several of them like Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman and are making close to the MLB minimum salary of $535,000.

The pool of money which totaled $84.5 million dollars is divided by the ten teams that made this years playoffs. The Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Indians, Nationals, Rockies, and Twins are all recipients of the gate. The Dodgers shares were paid out at $259,722.14 while the Rockies had the lowest share at $18,878.74 with just one Wild Card game played.

Happy Holiday Shopping!