East Coast vs West Coast – which one is the best Coast?

I got wrapped up watching the MLB channel on Monday night.  Four west coast baseball games were being played, each with its own unique story line.  It amazes me that I’m able to watch them go back and forth between all four ballparks and stay updated on the action.  I remember when baseball was only televised on weekends unless it was the Cubs on WGN or the Braves on TBS.

WEST COAST GAMES –  Monday April 2nd
  • Rangers vs A’s
  • Rockies vs Padres
  • Indians vs Angels
  • Dodgers vs Diamondbacks

There were so many highlights and story lines going on you could tell Dan Plesac Greg Amsinger, and Harold Reynolds were simply having fun with it.  The energy they brought to the telecast matched the energy on the diamonds that night.  Debating the best catch of the night with a poll on Twitter for viewers to cast their votes for Matt Kemp, Manny Machado, or Nick Markakis.

If you live on the East coast you probably didn’t see any of these games.  They all began after 9:30pm EST and the chances you stayed awake to see the 15 innings in Arizona end around 3am were slim.  I grew up in Florida on Eastern Standard Time.  I can remember specifically never being able to keep my eyes open for most Monday Night Football games because they started at 8pm and most times ended after midnight.  Long before the internet I remember reading newspaper scores in the morning with “not available at the time paper went to press” as the score.

The West Coast is ideal for watching sports.  You don’t have to stay up past midnight dragging into work the next morning because you wanted to see how your game ended.  Monday Night Football starts at 5pm here.  You’re able to catch up on all the days highlights before going to bed.  Baseball is fun to watch out west because you get to see that final game of the day played live.

The story lines being unveiled Monday night were 45-year-old Bartolo Colon starting for the Texas Rangers.   You have to root for a guy throwing at his age not to mention it’s Bartolo who is just as lovable as a big ole teddy bear.  Colon threw a solid six innings only giving up one run.  Petco Park was the backdrop for the Padres who watched Rockies bats come to life while still searching for their first win of the season.  The Colorado Rockies had 3 players hit home runs and this game wasn’t at Coors Field.  The Rockies new addition closer Wade Davis recorded his second save of the season.

Moving to Anaheim where the Angels were celebrating their home opener by battling the lanky long-haired Mike Clevinger and the Cleveland Indians.  The highlight of that game an in the park home run by Edwin Encarnacion.   The Indians twitter account winning best tweet of the night by adding not kidding at the bottom of their tweet.   Then lots of “Edwinded” comments ensued as he was out of breath returning to the dugout after rounding the bases.

The finale of the night was the extra innings game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.  On record as the longest game ever played at Chase Field lasting 5 hours and 46 minutes.  The Diamondbacks won the marathon 8-7 in the 15th inning with a walk off hit by Jeff Mathis.

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