Female Friendly Baseball

Dodgers game with my niece

Before I began my blog I had considered writing it only for the female audience. I thought that a women’s point of view would be my niche my specialty.  I know many women who share my passion for the game.  I changed my mind after discussions with several friends.  The argument that was most compelling was why would you limit your audience?

Can’t both men and women read my blog?  Yes is the answer.  Men should be able to comprehend that a female fan may have a slightly different view about baseball then themselves.  If I have the same passion they do for the sport and the same knowledge why does it matter? It shouldn’t.

Do people watch Ellen or Oprah because they are women and only speak to women or do we watch them because they are entertaining, funny and or have something compelling to say or share? I personally know lots of men who worship both of them.

I write my blog for the baseball fan period.  Baseball is meant to be shared and watched with others.  If you’re 7 or 70, a new fan to the game or a have been a fan for decades I can appreciate any type of fan.  It makes me happy to just talk or write about baseball.  You can cheer for your favorite team and player.  If you don’t have one try finding one this season when you watch baseball.  Whether you’re a guy or girl enjoy my blog and enjoy some baseball this year.

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