First Ohtani Now Stanton

I think this can best be described as the most surprising baseball off-season when you think of what has happened in the last few days. The poor baseball guys on Twitter right now aren’t getting much sleep due to what’s going on. Trying to predict where players are headed is like trying to pick the Powerball numbers for the lottery.  Nobody predicted the Angels getting Shohei Ohtani and now it sounds like the Yankees are signing a deal with Giancarlo Stanton. Yes I said the Yankees and Giancarlo in the same sentence.  I mean really?

Which way do I go with this blog?  There are about 15 stories inside of the is one trade.  Brian Cashman giving Aaron Boone the best XMAS gift of all time.  Aaron Boone smiling and drooling because he just became the happiest manager on the planet.  Two 50+ home run hitters in the same line up in New York hitting back to back.  One is the reigning NL MVP the other is the AL MVP runner-up.  Judge hit 52 home runs last year the most by any rookie player EVER.  Nobody hit the ball harder or farther than these two according to Statcast in 2017.  You have two players who are both literally mountains of men playing in Yankee Stadium.  Is Babe Ruth looking down on all of this smiling? Absolutely.

oh wait and then you have Derek Jeter of the Marlins trading Giancarlo to his former team the Yankees. Once again nobody saw this coming.  It was the Giants, Cardinals or possibly the Dodgers in the race.   I guess Cashman and the Yankees saw the opportunity once Ohtani didn’t happen and went for it.  As a Yankee fan I am shocked and ecstatic but I still want to know the details an who we have to give up for Stanton.

Will the Bronx Bombers term make a comeback in 2018 or will there be a new nickname for the boys in pinstripes? As I write this nothing has been finalized according to ESPN or MLB so at this point it’s all a Yankee fans dream until I hear otherwise.