Flat Bill or Folded?

If you follow me on Instagram @baseballbybecky you would have seen a recent post of me with a bunch of my own baseball hats. I confess I have more baseball hats than any one person needs or can wear during the year. I didn’t pull all of them out for the photo for fear that I’d look like a hat hoarder.  Clearly you can see I don’t discard any of them as front and center is a Florida Marlin 1997 National League Champion.  Some are autographed because I happened to be wearing them when I met somebody I had to have an autograph from and all I had was my hat for them to sign.  There are also a few visors thrown in to the collection.  Collection is a better term because it makes it sounds like they are all worth something.

I started purchasing hats at every ballpark I go to years ago.  Does anybody else do this?  I always  support the home team and the easiest way to do this is with a hat.  It also helps keeps the sun off your face if you’re not in the shaded section.  You go home with a great souvenir that you can wear again in any setting.  The hat also has a story and a memory that goes along with it.  I didn’t even remember that I owned a Houston Astros hat until I pulled it out for the photo.  That’s the problem with owning too many hats.  Some get lost in the collection.

The one thing you won’t find in my collection are flat billed caps.  I am grew up in an era where the first thing you did when you bought or got a new ball cap was fold the bill.  I fold the bill.  I am not in a gang and I am not a millennial so I fold the bill.  I am not a Hollywood celebrity or rapper so I fold the bill.  For me it takes time to get the bill fold just right.  Fold the bill be old school, it’s cool.

I hope to grow my collection this year visiting many new ballparks.  I can’t wait to see what companies like New Era and Forty Seven will have out for women this year.  I have a smaller head so not every hat works for me.  I am a picky hat purchaser.  One thing I know for sure is there won’t be any flat billed hats in my future.