Followers, Hashtags, Likes and the world of Social Media

Building an empire begins with a single step. In the last 48 hours I have read about the importance of #hashtags, when is the best time of the day/week to post on Instagram, synced my Facebook and Instagram accounts, set-up a Facebook business page and more. It’s all been a learning process for me and I knew I would have to expand my horizons jumping into this new adventure. I love to learning and education because I had parents who were both school teachers not to mention most of my aunts, uncles and grandparents were also educators.

All of this techie stuff isn’t in my wheel house.  I didn’t go grow up with knowing what an app was or a blog as I am a child from the 70’s.  I am creating it from scratch and taking advice from those that know way more than me. Social media is free and it allows you to reach people in places like Minot, North Dakota or Lincoln, Nebraska.  No disrespect to either of those towns but I am just probably not going to be in their area anytime soon.  Baseball fans in the heartland of America can get baseballbybecky online or via their smartphone without me actually being there.

If anybody out there is just ridiculously good at navigating this stuff please let me know.  I can admit patience is not a trait I possess so I want to master the art of boosted posts and scheduling posts right now, today.  I will continue to take tutorials and google all my questions for now.  I can proudly say you can now follow baseballbybecky on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as of yesterday.

Baseball note of the day.  Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez turns 55 today and with the Hall of Fame balloting coming in it looks like this could be Edgar’s year to get to Cooperstown as a DH.  Good Luck Edgar and Happy Birthday!