Mall Shopping with Francisco Lindor

I have always had a knack for recognizing baseball players out of their uniforms. For some reason others seem to have a hard time with it.  I however am not one of them.  For others it’s like seeing your bank teller at the gas station on a Saturday morning.  They look really familiar but seeing them out of their normal setting throws it off and you can’t quite figure out how you know them.

Just a few examples of my weird super power

I once recognized Mariners pitcher Joel Pinero with his family in the middle of Times Square.  He was pretty shocked by it.  He thought it was incredibly odd that somebody would recognize him on the streets of New York.

I also recognized Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams walking down the street in Seattle without anybody else noticing him.  I said his name as he walked past me and he looked up surprised.  Turned out he was lost and wasn’t sure how to get into SAFECO Field.   I pointed him in the right direction.

In a former life I was a ballpark tour guide at SAFECO Field.  I once had a tour group of about 30 people with me in the tunnel and noticed Wade Boggs coming towards us.  Boggs a Baseball Hall of Fame member has  a pretty recognizable look complete with mustache and I began to get nervous wondering how I was going to stop all these people from asking him for an autograph.  He walked right past us without anybody noticing him.  I stopped them afterwards letting them who it was. The group was mad at me for not telling them beforehand.  My thought is if you’re truly a fan you’ll recognize them.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago in Scottsdale Fashion Square.  It is a huge mall bustling with thousands of people on a Saturday evening.  I got lost twice and had to keep looking at the Directories to figure out where I was and where I was going.  After another wrong turn I was coming down the elevator and noticed a guy with white hair walking towards me.  Immediately recognizing the hair, it’s Francisco Lindor All Star short stop for the Cleveland Indians. He’s strolling the mall with another guy and what looked to be a girlfriend.

I get off the escalator and start walking behind them.  Nobody recognizes him.  He’s wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and some really nice bling around his neck.  I start to doubt that its him by the lack of reaction.  No, I am sure it’s him.  Who else has that hair and that mega watt smile?

They walk into a sunglasses store and he makes his way to the front waiting on his friends.  I ask him you’re Francisco Lindor?  He smiles and says yes.  I ask for a photo and told him I recognized him by the new hair.  He smiles.  I told him that I read his teammates had been giving him a lot of flack for it and once again he smiles and says yes.  There was a tweet that said his teammates had put up photos of Amber Rose all over the clubhouse to say he’s got her hair. 

After thanking him for the photo I exit the store passing a gentleman in a Cleveland Indian shirt.  I laugh to myself and think if you’re a truly a fan you’ll notice.

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