Free Agents Aren’t Free

It’s a bit quiet in baseball right now. The Winter Meetings wrapped up last week and now we’re just a week away from Christmas. I thought I would take a look at who’s still out there on the Free Agent market. Who’s still waiting on that call and certainty of where they’ll play in 2018.

I am looking at the list of who’s still available this morning and when it comes to pitching the three most notable remaining on the list are the Yu Darvish, Jake Arietta and Wade Davis.  Darvish was traded to the Dodgers last season and Arietta and Davis played for the Cubs.  They are all right-handed pitchers and their ages are 31, 31, and 32.   Darvish finished the year with a 3.86 ERA, 10-12 record and 209 strike outs.  What we all remember the most about Darvish and his season is his disappointing performances in the World Series against the Astros.

Arietta finished the season with a 3.53 ERA, 14-10 record and 163 strike outs.  He is being represented by Scott Boras who sent out a 75 page binder to all teams and is being shopped for a rumored $200 million contract.  Wade Davis closed out the year with 32 saves, a 2.30 ERA and 79 strike outs.  The Cubs just signed a two year deal with bullpen pitcher Steve Cishek along with the signing additions of right-hander Brandon Morrow and lefty Dario Alvarez make you think the Cubs will be okay if Davis doesn’t return.

So that’s it for this Monday.  More to come tomorrow on what bats and position players are left.  If you’re interested in Arietta joining your club for next season give Boras a call after you’ve read the binder.