Fun with Numbers – My Top Twenty

The game of baseball revolves around numbers. Lots and lots of numbers.  Baseball players wear numbers on their uniforms their positions on the field are numbered in the scorers book and your section and seat have a number when you go to the ballpark.  All those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg as we haven’t even touched on baseball statistics. During the season everyday brings new numbers.

I’d thought I’d have a little fun with numbers this week.  I find them sticking with me  from a podcast I listened to or from an Instagram post I scrolled across.  They bounce around in my head so I thought I’d write them down and let them out.  Here’s my top twenty for the week.


  1. The number of wins the Los Angeles Dodgers have against the Cincinnati Reds this season.
  2.  The number of players to hit for the cycle this season, Mookie Betts and Christian Yelich.
  3. The number of Cy Young awards Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer has won.
  4. The number of wins by the highly sought after 24-year-old Los Angeles Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani.
  5.  Number worn by Albert Pujols who ends the season with 633 Career home runs.
  6. The number of hits George Springer recorded in a game against the Oakland Athletics this year.
  7. The number of double plays the Chicago Cubs turned against the Pittsburgh Pirates in one game this season.
  8. The number for the center field position and the best center fielder this year again is the Angels Mike Trout.
  9. The Former All-Stars the Cleveland Indians have in their in line-up.
  10.  The number of pitchers with 12 wins this season in MLB.
  11.  The number of triples hit by Arizona Diamondback Ketel Marte, who leads the league.
  12.  The number of wins by Boston Red Sox Ace Chris Sale this season.
  13.  The number of teams Bartolo Colon has pitched for.
  14.  The total number of home runs (9) given up and hit bats men (5) by Jacob deGrom this season
  15.  The number of wins by Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander.
  16.  The number of shutouts the Cubs have recorded this season to lead the league.
  17.  Number worn by Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.
  18. The number of seasons Mike Scioscia has been managing the Los Angeles Angels.
  19. The number of home runs by 19 year-old Juan Soto most by any teenager.
  20. The number of errors committed by Cincinnati Reds infielder Jose Peraza this season.

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