It Gets Real Today, Baseball is Back

I am incredibly excited to say it’s here, it’s back!  Baseball of course is what I’m referring to. Even though the groundhog saw his shadow pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp.  As the Boston Red Sox said on their Twitter account, “it gets real today.”

It’s like somebody finally opened the doors and windows and let some fresh air into my house.  Fresh air smells and feels pretty doggone good again even if it is a balmy 30 degrees here today.  An awakening is taking place across America.  North Idaho days are getting longer with daylight savings time spring forward right around the corner.  All signs pointing to spring even though today’s forecast is 2 to 7 inches of new snow.

Those of you have winter in a warm climate can’t quite understand my overflowing levels of joy.  If you haven’t used a winter coat, gloves, or stocking cap except for that annual ski trip you just don’t understand.  Consider this, I haven’t been able to wear a pair of shorts or flip-flops for about 4 months.  There’s no reason to paint my toenails or shave my legs since nobody sees them.  My hardest decision each morning is how many layers to put on for the day.  My warmer weather clothes hang sadly in my closet waiting for the temperatures to rise.

I can begin to hear the crack of the wooden bats as players stand around the batting cage asking teammates how their off-season was.  I can hear the catcher’s mitt popping as a starting pitcher throws to his catcher for the first time this year.  For those of us in colder climates baseball signifies that’s there hope for a spring.  Thank you baseball for returning once again and supplying us with that hope.

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