Global Warming- Is it for Real? Major League Baseball Players say NO

We’ve all heard the term global warming that’s been tossed around for years. I’m no scientist but scientists say our planet is getting warmer based on the temperatures that are being recorded.  Baseball fans and players can certainly argue global warming with the way the 2018 baseball season has started.


1. an increase in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the greenhouse effect. (

The 2018 season started the earliest we’ve seen beginning on March 29th.  Record cold temperatures have been recorded at ballparks.  The Boston Red Sox played what was their coldest game at home in 15 years on Sunday according to Jen McCaffrey with the Athletic.  At the start it was 34 degrees with 23 mph winds with a light rain-snow mix.  Then there’s the interesting cold weather attire that players are wearing including those ninja mask looking things allowing you to only see a players eyes when he’s shown on TV.

Joe Maddon the Chicago Cubs Manager commented on the dismal weather conditions after one of the wildest innings ever played in baseball on Saturday at Wrigley Field.   His Chicago Cubs came back from being 8 runs down to beat the Braves and allow them to fly the W.   The game time conditions noted in the box score were 38 degrees with drizzle and winds blowing in at 24 mph.

“€œI thought the 2008 World Series game I participated in was the worst. It just got surpassed,€ Maddon said. This is not baseball weather. The elements were horrific to play baseball in. That is the worst elements I ever participated in a baseball game. Ever.”

While the Cubs and Braves completed their game on Saturday three other games were not played at all.  Yankees vs Tigers, White Sox vs Twins, and Blue Jays vs Indians all cancelled due to weather on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.   Angels vs Royals and Braves vs Cubs were also added as post poned games on Sunday totaling 5 games called due to bad weather.

Look ahead at an already packed 162 game schedule and try to figure out when to play those games between now and October.   Teams will lose much-needed days off later this summer with those make-up games occurring on a travel day, day off, or becoming double headers.   I looked at a few of the teams June and July schedules to see what they were.   July includes the mid-season break All Star Game which allows all teams a 3 days off from July 16th- 18th.  If selected to take part in the All Star Game your 3 days of rest gets eliminated.   (I didn’t add in the 3 days for the All Star Game below)

Chicago Cubs

  • June 2 days off with a double-header
  • July 3 days off

Chicago White Sox

  • June 2 days off with a double-header
  • July 4 days off

Cleveland Indians

  • June 4 days off
  • July 3 days off

Minnesota Twins

  • June 4 days off with a double-header
  • July 4 days off

New York Yankees

  • June 3 days off with a double-header
  • July 3 days off

I will always argue that the baseball season is the toughest of all professional sports.   No recovery time for players bodies during the season or down the stretch.  Will these make up games affect teams playoff chances down the stretch?   Are the teams from the American League Central and National League Central going to be too exhausted and run out of steam by October?  Will the World Series be an American League West vs National League West team?   We’ll have to wait until October to see.

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