He’s Not Dead Yet

I have heard a couple of old comments this year about Albert Pujols. In game announcers have said things like, “he doesn’t have as much power as he used to.”

Last night in the bottom of the ninth Padres closer Craig Kimbrel intentionally walks Mike Trout to get to Pujols. Albert reminded us all that he’s not dead yet by hitting a broken bat single into left field to win the game in walk off fashion.

Monday marked the 14th time Trout had been intentionally walked ahead of Pujols. His single last night gave him 18 career walk-offs. Since 2000, only David Ortiz has more (19).

Albert Pujols is 35 years old and playing in his 15th major league season. He’s a three-time National League MVP. He’s still there and still competing. Go Albert Go!