Hold the Phone – the Angels??

Well with all the media covering the Ohtani story there were few that saw this one coming. All the stories, tweets, and MLB coverage I had seen had him narrowed down from the 7 teams to either the Mariners or the Padres. Hmmm well nobody had it pegged right.

He surprised everyone with the decision.  I wonder if the Angels had any idea they were the front-runner in this major sweepstakes? I guess we’ll all get to see a lot more Angels games this year and boy oh boy how do Mariner fans feel.  Not only do they NOT get the 24-year-old wonder boy with a 100 mile fastball but they now get to play him 19 times this year in the American League West.

My friend had an interesting theory as to why Ohtani wouldn’t end up in Seattle.  It was because of Japanese culture and a system they have called senpai kohai.   There is no English translation but basically it means there is a senior and a junior.  The senpai would be the senior or mentor with the kohai being the junior or the student.   These things are determined by age and rank.  So if Ohtani would have signed on with the Mariners Hisashi Iwakuma would have been the senpai and Shohei Ohtani would have been the kohai.  It is adhered to in workplaces and group settings which would transfer to a clubhouse or Major League roster.  The roles always remaining in place and never switching.

The Angels current active roster has no senpai.  Shohei Ohtani is free to be his own in the clubhouse and with the team and doesn’t have to adhere to the senpai koahi system.  He’s also on the West Coast which had been communicated that he wanted to be close to Japan and he ended up on an American League team where there is a designated hitter so if he is to play both ways that makes sense.  Welcome to Major League Baseball Shohei.  What’s next Disneyland?