There’s Gold in the Oil Fields of Houston

The Houston Astros are the defending World Series champions.  They won it all last November in a dramatic seven game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  I’ll admit I cheered for the Los Angeles Dodgers to win it all. I did not cheer once for the Houston Astros but after watching all seven games and their historic heroics I applaud their victory.  Their first World Series win was well deserved.

Fresh from their White House visit to meet President Trump the Astros announced they’ll be wearing and selling some new golden gear.  To kick off this season the Astros will celebrate last year’s World Series victory by wearing gold jerseys and hats.

The Astros Team Store is hosting a huge event including photo ops with the Commissioner Trophy and giving out collectable patch to the first 1,000 fans that purchase a jersey and hat.  The team will be wearing their fancy new golden uniforms for their opening series against the Baltimore Orioles on April 2nd and 3rd.  It’s called the Gold Program and I love it.

It’s time for Major League Baseball to create a new uniform rule.  The World Series winner gets to wear gold or some sort of special uniform that symbolizes to the rest of the league that they are the reigning champions.  World Series winners would wear these one of a kind uniforms all season long until dethroned.

If you’re the hitter you get to step into the batters box full of confidence because you know your uniform says you’re the best to the opposing pitcher and catcher.  It’s like the old saying “to the victor goes the spoils.”  The World Series winner can decide how gaudy or ostentatious they want their uniforms to be.  They could incorporate things like metallic colors, camouflage, or whatever fits that team or the city they play for.

The more I think about this the more I like it.  The players like the additional payoffs from winning the World Series but nobody really remembers that during the following season.  This is something that would remind players and fans alike who won it all last season.  The other 29 teams would have something to gun for each season other than just a World Series ring.

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