How Delta Airlines Got Me To Yankee Stadium

Recently I traveled to Morocco.  We purchased airline tickets with Delta airlines about eight months in advance assuming there a slight change or two to my flight times. I didn’t expect six changes to my reservation, many lengthy phone calls to Delta along with an email expressing my frustrations.  We never changed my flights but they sure did booking and re-booking our reservations each time and sometimes finding out we had no flight at all.  One of their changes turned out to be an unexpected surprise.  Delta wanted us to fly out a day later than planned so we’d have a night and full day in New York.

Normally I wouldn’t have even considered it, not wanting to lose a day in Morocco but I reconsidered after checking the Yankees schedule.  They were playing at home against the Detroit Tigers.  I called Delta to agree to the change.  The only problem was the game’s early start time of 4:05 pm was exactly the same time my niece’s flight was landing.  We were going to have to hustle from JFK to see the game.

Forgetting Your Dramamine

I landed at 3:40 pm after suffering through the last thirty minutes of my flight with rough air turbulence.  After landing a gentleman turned and said to me you looked miserable, are you ok?  I told him not really but I’ll manage. I met my niece at her terminal and we grabbed a cab to our hotel. As we drove through traffic with my head hanging out the rolled down backseat window trying anything I could to improve.  We finally arrived at the hotel and I confess to my niece how bad I’m feeling.  There are only a few things that I would even consider leaving this room for and Yankee Stadium is one of them.

I keep checking the score on my phone, the game is flying.  I was hoping for a six-run inning by somebody with lots of pitching changes but no such luck.  It’s 0-0 and the game is being played way to fast for what was a 45-minute cab ride.  We jump on the subway during rush hour and have to switch trains and it’s already the 5th.  I’m starting to think we’ll never make it.  It’s just not meant to be but at least we can take some photos outside of the stadium.

Hustling in the City That Never Sleeps

Losing cell service in the tunnels and somehow it’s now a 1-1 game and already in the 7th.  We’re definitely not going to make it.  I tell my niece to get ready as we’re going to have to hustle to get inside.  We stop at the platform quickly make our way down the stairs and I turn to spot her.  She’s beautiful and what I am referring to is Yankee Stadium.   This is the same city that Lady Liberty calls home so naturally beautiful buildings are female to me.  The last time I was in New York they were just hanging the lettering on her so I haven’t been inside yet.

April has given us a crisp spring day and all of a sudden I can feel the energy as we get closer.  I can now hear the loudspeakers playing music and I can tell they are still playing.  I tell my niece to run.  Because it’s so late in the game they are only allowing entry at the Home Plate Gate and we arrive on the sidewalk near Right Field.  We sprint down the block all the way to Home Plate.  Overjoyed I realize that we’re going to get in and see some baseball.  My entire body feels better and I am revived from my flight.  We enter to see the Yankees batting in the bottom of the eighth.

The wind is swirling on the concourse, the sun is setting and fans are yelling at the batters.  It’s fantastic.  We made it.  I can’t believe we made it.  It’s the 6th game of the season on a Wednesday against the Detroit Tigers but we’re here.  We watch a few batters from the line behind the seats at Home Plate and once the inning ends we quickly start to make the lap around the main level.  I want to see everything as quickly as possible, watch the game and take some photos.

View from Center Field

Just a Fan

We head to Center Field and enjoy the view.  Everybody in Yankee gear and that’s one of those things I love about attending games.  This sea of people wearing the team’s colors, teams jerseys and you know they are into it.  You can tell by their jerseys if they are old school or if they like the newly signed free agent.  It’s all navy out here in Center Field and it’s such a beautiful evening with the sun setting and the noise of the fans encouraging the Yanks to pull this one out on every pitch.  They are now down 2-1 to the Tigers but still have a chance.

We snap a few photos and watch the final out from Right Field.  The home team loses but I’m not disappointed and have forgotten about being sick.  Thank you Delta.  My niece has visited Dodger Stadium and Yankee Stadium with me.  For somebody that isn’t really a baseball fan, she’s enjoyed two great ballparks.  We slowly walk the full lap around the main concourse and I take in the view from every angle.  The crowd is thinning and we are making our way towards exiting out the Home Plate gate.  Even with the loss you can still feel the buzz from the crowd.  It’s early in the season but the fans are excited about these Bronx Bombers.  They are endless possibilities for them this season.  It’s easy to be excited it’s only April after all.

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