I Hear Crickets

Today is groundbreaking. In Baltimore the Orioles will play the Chicago White Sox after having 2 games cancelled/postponed. Today’s game will be played without any fans as the game is closed to the public. Yes closed to the public.  This is all due to the riots continuing on the streets of Baltimore.

No vendors, no cheers, no jeers, just silence. I wonder how it will feel for the players. Will it feel like a practice game? They have said there will be a National Anthem however nobody knows if it’s a taped version or will be sung live. Do you have ball boys down the lines? There aren’t any fans to protect. We also don’t know if they’ll run the video boards, do the seventh inning stretch, play intro music for the players, etc. The umpires will be heard loud and clear by the players since there will be no other noise in the stadium. Will the players be a lot looser? No fans means they don’t necessarily have to be on their best behavior and can joke around more.

What if somebody hits for the cycle, throws a no hitter, turns a triple play?  No fans will see it.  The press box will be full so we’ll get the description of how baseball feels without a fan in the stands.

*Shout out to “The Hawk” today because on this day in 1987, Andre Dawson had five hits and hit for the cycle to lead the Chicago Cubs to an 8-4 victory over the San Francisco Giants.