I’m Back and Those Pink Bats

My mom was just here visiting. That being said my schedule was so out of whack and my time consumed so I was unable to blog for the most of last week. Back to it today.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. You probably noticed the amount of pink on the fields yesterday if you watched a game. Pink bats, pink wristbands, pink cleats, pink undershirts, etc. I think the pink is silly. I get that you want to thank all the moms. Not all the moms like pink and a pink bat looks like toy. Wouldn’t it be nice if before the games yesterday each player got to walk out his mother or wife or sister and give them flowers. Wouldn’t that be more genuine and actually show that these guys have moms or wives in their lives that helped them to get where they are.

What does a pink bat say about a mom that sacrificed everything for her son to make it to the major league level? Did she always dream he’d use a pink bat on Mother’s Day to pay tribute to her, the woman that worked two jobs so he could eat or have a new mit? I doubt it. I think it’s time to show the ladies themselves and get rid of the pink.

*4-5-4 it finally happened. The Pittsburgh Pirates got the St Louis Cardinals out on that triple play on Saturday. All these years of baseball and no 4-5-4 triple play until Saturday- amazing stuff.