Is Giancarlo Spanish for Hercules?

If you haven’t seen this guy crush and I mean crush the ball this year you need to. Google it, YouTube it, whatever you got to do. He is strong. Like hit the cover off of the ball strong. He has hit some home runs this year that will blow your mind. There was a laser and literally a line drive over the left field wall.

Last night he hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium. Yes I said OUT. Only three other players have done that. Stanton joins Willie Stargell, Mike Piazza, and Mark McGwire. Dodger Stadium opened in 1962, which means it’s been around for 53 years yet only 4 men have hit a ball out.

We now have stat tracker which is measuring everything on the field. They can measure how fast it leaves the ballpark, etc. I don’t need stat tracker to tell me what Giancarlo is doing is unique. It’s really impressive to watch and I’m not surprised some of those dingers he’s sending out remind me of McGwire and Sosa.