It’s Not An Iron On

I’m already looking ahead to 2018 because it’s quickly creeping up on us. The Major League season begins on March 29, 2018 and will wrap up on September 30th. Every
season teams wear special patches on their uniforms to commemorate special anniversaries or the loss of certain players or people from their organization.

Sometimes we the fans understand what they are while other times we’re guessing what do those initials mean on their right sleeve or who’s number was that? Below is the list of which teams will be wearing a patch and what it celebrates (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary of the franchise
Baltimore Orioles 35th Anniversary of 1983 World Series team
Boston Red Sox In memory of Bobby Doerr
Colorado Rockies 25th Anniversary of the franchise
Detroit Tigers 50th Anniversary of 1968 World Series team
Houston Astros 2017 World Series Championship (April 2)
Kansas City Royals 50th season of the franchise
Los Angeles Dodgers 30th Anniversary of 1988 World Series team
60th Anniversary in Los Angeles
Miami Marlins 15th Anniversary of 2003 World Series team
25th Anniversary of the franchise
New York Yankees 20th Anniversary of 1998 World Series team
Philadelphia Phillies 10th Anniversary of 2008 World Series team
San Francisco Giants 60th Anniversary in San Francisco
Tampa Bay Rays 20th Anniversary of the franchise
Toronto Blue Jays 25th Anniversary of 1993 World Series team
Washington Nationals 2018 All Star Game