It’s The Unknown That Makes Baseball So Good

Watching the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees last night I heard something that clicked with me about the unknown. Tim Kurkjian one of ESPN’s announcers started discussing one of the great things about baseball was not knowing who would win the World Series this year.  It’s September 20th and we’re 10 days away from October and this years playoff and he’s right.  You can see the current standings as of today

Sure the Boston Red Sox have had quite the season winning 103 games but any baseball fans know that anything can happen.  It’s one of the reasons I love this sport.  The unknown that’s coming.  We don’t yet know who will make that heroic start, amazing catch, or be unstoppable at the plate but we know it’s coming.  You can never predict who’s going to be that one player who steps up when his team needs him most to be the hero.  It’s the beauty of this sport that those high paid recognizable players are typically not the ones who are the hero’s.  Not knowing who will even make the playoffs this year makes this final stretch so much more exciting.

The Right Mix

So many factors have to take place for your team to win the World Series.  Players have to be healthy and they have to be somewhat rested after a season that started back in March.  Team chemistry has to be just right.  That includes all the newly acquired minor league call-ups to veterans who arrived via trade.  Managers have to make the right moves at the right time, offensively and defensively.  You have to catch that turn of momentum where a call goes your way or when a rain delay happens.  And finally you have to what I like to call “lightning in a bottle” everything and everyone gelling at just right time and exploding in all directions because it all works so well together.

Thanks Tim Kurkijan for reminding me how exciting baseball can be.  I could hear the excitement and love for the game in your voice.  You also reminded me that life can be the same way.  Enjoy the ride as you can’t always know the outcome.  Surprise is good and exciting. Embrace the unknown and this years World Series.

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