It’s Time For Some FUN

It’s here January 1st, 2018. Happy New Year to ALL! Everybody has contemplated how last year treated them and what lessons they took from 2017. A look back along with a little self-reflection is always a good thing going into a new year. Now we all look forward at 2018 and ask it for possibilities like health, wealth, love, and those lessons that maybe we didn’t quite learn the year before.

For me the New Year brings endless opportunities. Opportunities I can’t even comprehend at this point because this is the first time in my life I have dared to dream this big. I am finally brave enough to take this absolute leap of faith, get out of my comfort zone and challenge my mind to think beyond my wildest dreams.  I am going to force myself to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and hopefully come out embracing it.  My plans are uncertain and few at the moment so let me narrow it down to three things I want to accomplish.  This year will be about having fun, covering and watching a lot of baseball and about me, Becky.

I’m going to do start writing about Major League Baseball the sport I have been in love with since I was a child. It will begin with my blog and social media as well.  The beginning is the hardest part but I’m excited to meet some incredibly talented and vibrant people this year.  Yes we will talk about baseball but also about life. I’m always up for a good story. Their stories might be about who influenced them the most, their favorite band or what their mantra is as they get out of bed each day. I really just want to hear who people really are and what makes them tick.  I have always been curious about a person’s heart and how they navigate not only their life’s triumphs but also their greatest challenges.

I must thank all those friends and family members that have listened to me on countless phone calls during this transition.  You have all been full of great advice or been just an ear to listen when I needed to think things out loud.  I am very lucky to be blessed with a wonderful cheer leading squad who gave me strength and support.  They encouraged my decision in going forward with having fun, covering baseball and being true to myself.   Cheers to 2018!