Late Night at the Ballpark

I am getting to my blog late tonight. It’s 9:12pm here and yet New York and Boston are still playing. Not many left in the New York stands in the bottom of 14. It’s 12:12am there now. Bob Costas is talking about how they are probably scratching BP before tomorrow’s game. Fly out – they are going to the 15th.

What’s the longest game you’ve actually stayed for? You’ve sat in your seat and lived it for 9+ innings.  For me it was a game back in 2000 that was won with a walk off home run by Mike Cameron in the bottom of the 19th.  A few things I remember about that game were the two 7 inning stretches, I actually had a hard time staying awake, I didn’t dress properly and was frozen by the end, and how much the crowd really thinned out.   I’ll never forget the people that began and ended the game with me in that section.  We shared so much that night cheers, laughs, stories, frustration, angst, nerves and finally the joy and happiness of victory.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like if the home team wouldn’t have won.  It would have been a crushing blow to have stayed all that time and not see the home team get the W.  I remember thinking the next day as exhausted as I was that getting up and going to work was much easier because the Mariners won that marathon of a game.

Bob Costas is now trying to figure out how many pitchers are still available in this match-up between the Yankees and Red Sox.  He’s talking about things like how the Umpires don’t get breaks, they’ve been standing all night, etc.  It’s actually one players birthday- turning 35 on April 11th just after midnight. This is a night that an announcer is just grasping at anything to talk about.  There’s a lot of players on the field that didn’t start this game and they have no stats since it’s still the first week of the season.

To the top of 16 we go.  Somebody is going to be a hero tonight.