Mexican Vacation Ends with Montezuma’s Revenge

I have just returned from a once in a lifetime four-day weekend to Cabo San Lucas for the Quam Bene Vivas conference. The  conference was hosted at the Resort at Pedregral which is absolutely the best when it comes to service and accommodating their guests. If you ever get the chance to visit, make sure you go as it is truly heaven on earth. The Resort itself was picture perfect with no piece of sand or plant leaf out-of-place. Around every corner is a stunning view whether it be of the ocean or their perfectly linear landscaping. Each room comes with its  personal plunge pool and views of the Pacific Ocean. The entire Resort and setting are relaxing on so many levels. You can completely disconnect from your day-to-day and just unwind.

Unfortunately for me it ended on a sour note when I was woken up late Saturday night which became the first of many trips to the toilet.  What did I eat or drink to deserve this?  I walked into town on my own Saturday afternoon and had lunch at a place by the marina.  I had some sort of fajitas, Perrier, and some chips with salsa and guacamole.  I don’t know if it was that meal or if I caught the flu bug that’s going around.  I was the only one out of the group to get sick.  I had a fantastic trip up until that point.  I don’t want to beat up on Mexico or give it a bad rap but man this stuff is awful.  I had food poisoning once before and it was pretty similar to this. If it was Montezuma’s revenge, this is some serious revenge that I hope I never meet again.  

Luckily I had a friend who was on my flights with me on my way home and she was able to escort me through customs, help me with my bags, get me to my gates and home safely.  So yesterday when I was so sick I was barely conscious and unable to get out of bed I realized nobody would be writing my blog for me.  Such is life.

I have to look for the positives in it.  I did have a truly wonderful vacation.  I was able to see and explore new places.  I was able to meet some really great new people and to top it off learn new things about life and myself.  Thank you Mexico for cleaning out my entire gastrointestinal system and getting my gut clean and ready for 2018.