MLB Network

If you’re a baseball fan and get sick of watching the doom and gloom that they serve up each morning on the news I recommend you turn to the MLB channel. During the season I tend to watch MLB Central every morning to catch the previous days highlights and recaps. I also watch because I enjoy the crew they have on camera.

There is Matt Vasgersian who is a play by play announcer and typically the anchor of the crew with his mellow personality and love of music. He is joined by Lauren Shehadi who’s a co-host and really has fun with it while trying to keep the boys in line. She’s a University of Florida grad. As a Seminole I still like her and appreciate what she brings to the show. The wild child of the group is Mark DeRose who was a 16 year veteran in the league and still has his pulse on the thoughts and actions of the players.

These three are the regulars on the show but every now and again you get a day with Sean Casey, Harold Reynolds, Cliff Floyd, or Eric Byrnes thrown into the mix.  MLB Central keeps you up to date on everything from standings to injuries to just silly stuff about players.  Last year they had a segment about how much Brian McCann and Evan Gattis resembled each other.  They began the story about them being separated at birth and challenging Astro fans to tell them apart.

Thank you to Matt, Lauren, and Mark for good morning TV.  I appreciate that you can make fun of yourselves and cut up every now and again on camera.  MLB Central is light, it’s funny and it fits the way I want to begin my days.  I start with a little bit of learning and a little bit of humor.   Looking forward to watching in 2018.