What is Your Favorite Baseball Player Name?

I watched Minnesota Twins outfielder Byron Buxton interview with MLB Central this morning.  Buxton has a baseball players name.  I am a big fan of first and last names that start with the same letter.  To me it’s just cool.  It also makes their name easier to remember.  If your middle name is also the same letter then that makes you even cooler.  Imagine having your towels monogrammed with something like a triple BBB.  So simple but also like you were destined to be famous or a household name.

Sometimes the player’s name helps you to remember them or makes you root for them even more.  I realize this is all personal preference as you might enjoy saying Coco Crisp more than I like saying Catfish Hunter.  Most baseball fans have a favorite player name or two that they enjoy saying.  One of my favorites is Hideki Matsui.

Announcers have their own set of favorite.  Some names can be real tongue twisters while others just roll off the tongue.  Others can come across almost poetic when saying them on the ballparks loudspeaker with the perfect number of syllables.  The former public address announcer of the  New York Yankees Bob Sheppard once listed his favorite baseball players to announce.   His top 3 were Mickey Mantle, Shigetoshi Hasegawa, and Salomé Barojas.

Best Names on a Roster -Cincinnati Reds

After reading through the names of all 30 Major League teams the Cincinnati Reds have the best active Roster.  They win my award for best baseball player names for now with the season still being in its infancy.  There will be lots of roster moves from now until September so it could be anybody’s ballgame.

Let’s start with the obvious ones Homer and Rookie are actually baseball terms.  Really too easy but I couldn’t pass on those.  The fact that Homer Bailey is a pitcher just makes his name even better.  Then there is Scooter Gennett the infielder.  You may remember Scooter’s name from last year as he hit a record four home runs in a game.  He also showed up dressed as the Easter Bunny yesterday.

Quackenbush must have multiple stories from his childhood about kids teasing him.  Duck calls had to have haunted him in his sleep.  Shed Long is so simple it can’t be real can it?  Shed is short for Shedric Bernard Long according to the MiLB.com website. Then you have Jesse Winker an outfielder.  Reds fans could show up at the games with winking emoji’s and hold them up after he makes a diving catch or hits a home run.  Wouldn’t that look great on ESPN?

The Cincinnati Reds marketing department could have a field day with this uniquely named roster.  I think there’s opportunity to be had for this seasons promotions or giveaways.  Why not turn some of them into specialty drinks that are served at the Great American Ballpark?  A Homer Bailey would include Baileys Irish Cream and a Quackenbush would include Bushmills Irish Whiskey.   Just throwing out ideas to the folks in Cincinnati.  I’d be happy to buy you a round if it happens.

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