3, 2, 1 Opening Day Countdown Has Begun

It’s that time of year again when baseball fans become smiling fools. Spring has officially returned. Baseball is so close to coming back and it feels as if all is right in this world.  Baseball fans are like silly little giggling school girls counting down the days until Major League baseball’s Opening Day.  It’s so close now we feel like we can taste it.

For those of us living in colder climates we can begin to see the surface our yards.  The snow is beginning to melt or has melted off.  Our grass doesn’t resemble the grass at Fenway Park or Wrigley Field but at least it’s visible once again.  Time to gather up winter gear like your snow boots, gloves, and ski caps and move them to the back of the hall closet.  You also begin to create some space closer to the back of the garage for your snow blower, snow shovel, and de-icer.  A major shift in the items you’ll need versus not need is taking place.

Little League is Back

There is baseball being played again on Little League fields around the country.  Gloves, bats and balls are starting to be found underneath kids bunk beds.  Last season’s cleats are being dusted off and tried on to see if they still fit.  Parents hang game schedules on the kitchen refrigerator with alphabet magnets.  Sunflower seeds and bubble gum sales are on the rise.

The return of baseball brings back childhood memories for most of us.  A life we had before jobs, kids or a home mortgage. It was an age in which you didn’t own a cellphone or even a watch.  You just knew it was time to go home because it was dark.  Your neighborhood friends all rode bikes together and knowing where each other lived.  It was before travel teams and families being consumed by traveling to weekend tournaments.  You only had 1 or 2 games during the week.

It’s all been set in motion, the cycle of spring and baseball has come back around. It’s a sport and time of year that brings us all back outdoors.  We’re able to watch the sun go down as evening practice ends.  We finish playing catch in the backyard before being called inside.  Fresh air fills our lungs while rounding the bases with the cold March air stinging our cheeks.  It’s those unsettled last days of March that go out like a lion mixing sun, snow, sleet and hail in an hours time.

March 29th is next week.  This year Major League Baseball has returned to just one Opening Day versus several as they have done is years past.  Mark your calendars with the words PLAY BALL.

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