Opening Night is Here!

The Major League Baseball season begins tonight with a classic National League Central rivalry, St Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs. For most it signifies that spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Just 181 games left to play on this grinding summer schedule that ends on October 4th.

For me personally it means my baseball blog begins.  I am challenging myself to see if I can keep up with the season each and everyday for the entire regular season.  Baseball has been a constant thing in my life and it seemed like the logical choice to write about everyday.  I can write about something I know, something I love, and something with endless content.  There are so many layers to this game and so many stories it always feels like I can continue learning about the game and its players.

The first day of the season to me means that it’s an even playing field for all 30 teams.  Each team has a shot.  A shot to still play in October.  Nobody is 23 games back just yet or firing their manager.  The Cubs are as good as the reigning World Series Champions San Francisco Giants today.  Lots of hope and positive words in all the clubhouses this week.  Everybody has a chance for now it’s Opening Night.