Opening Day, Procrastination, and Bartolo Colon

Welcome to the 2019 baseball season. Here we are back to playing baseball once again and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had a long day just finally being able to sit down and eat dinner and am a little punchy at the moment. My day started out texting several friends .gifs of their teams or getting the Yankees starting line-up at 7:19am from my boss and my friend predicting 92 wins for his Cubbies this season.

Bartolo Colon is MIA

I got up an hour early to go through today’s match-ups and starting pitchers and to put the finishing touches on my blog about Bartolo Colon. Sat down at Starbucks to find my Bartolo blog was gone, simply vanished, missing  even though I know I saved it at least 15 times. I sure hope it’s not some sort of foreshadowing that we won’t see him on a Major League field this year. It saddens me to think of the day when Bartolo aka Big Sexy is no longer in baseball.  The excitement surrounding the first home run of his career speaks for itself.

I won’t retype or try to re-create my blog about him but it’s subject matter had to do with the big off season free agent signings of Machado, Harper and Trout wondering where’s Bartolo and who will sign him.   One of my favorite stats in all of baseball is that he was/is the last active player that played for the Montreal Expos. A dying breed if you will. He’s the last one and we’ll never witness another Big Sexy, not in my lifetime.

The 2019 Season

Back to Opening Day with it’s red, white and blue bunting, national anthems, and all things ceremonial took place in the 15 games played.  With an off season that had a Commissioner trying to speed up the game, free agents sitting around with lots of free time and rumblings of an upcoming labor dispute it was good to see players back on the field.

There were two highly anticipated pitching match-ups with Cy Young winners going head to head with their runner up’s in DC with Max Scherzer losing to Jacob deGrom and in Tampa with Justin Verlander beating Chris Snell.  The Los Angeles Dodgers showed off by hitting eight home runs against the Diamondbacks.  The most home runs hit by any team in a season opener.  Bryce Harper was welcomed to Philadelphia by Philly fans and donned green cleats in honor of the Phanatic.  Then this moment by Lorenzo Cain in Milwaukee who seems to be in his post season form already in March.

I hope you enjoyed your Opening Day.  Here we go again- 161 games left so pace yourself it’s not a sprint but a marathon.  We can’t all win the divisions or make the playoffs but we can all enjoy some baseball again.  Best of luck to your team this season.

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