Poetry, Alive and Well In The Sport of Baseball

There’s something about baseball that is so pure, so truthful. It’s story lines can be poetic and infinitely good it’s hard to believe they are real. The Baseball Gods pull the strings on these stories from up above as if they are the puppeteers creating the poetry for those of us in the ballpark or watching at home.

Recently two heart warming stories unfolded on the diamond for the Oakland Athletics.  This first has to do with a 27-year-old Stanford graduate who calls the Bay Area home.

Stephen Piscotty

The Oakland A’s completed an off-season trade this December with the St Louis Cardinals to bring outfielder Stephen Piscotty closer to home.  He grew up about 30 miles from Oakland in Pleasanton, CA and his family is still there.  He was traded to be closer to his family specifically his mother Gretchen who was diagnosed with ALS also known as Lou Gehrig‘s disease.  It was a move that garnered respect for the Cardinals from other major league clubs.

Stephen Piscotty was able to come home and help his mother in her in her fight against ALS.   Gretchen Piscotty was 55 years old when she passed away on Sunday, May 6th.  Stephen Piscotty was with his mother and family at the time of her passing, according to manager Bob Melvin.  Piscotty was placed on the bereavement list to spend time with his family after his mother’s passing. He returned to the Oakland line-up on May 16th to help his team face the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

In his first at bat after returning from bereavement leave he hit a home run over the Green Monster at Fenway.  Rounding third he patted his chest and looked upward towards the heavens.  Looking up at his Mom.  He would later tell reporters, “it was pure joy.”

This Twitter post from Susan Slusser — says it all.

Pure joy, pure love and pure poetry all happening on the baseball field at the same time.  A night in which his mother Gretchen was not only watching but with him as he swung his bat and rounded the bases.  A mother’s sign to her son to keep pursuing your dreams.  Keep going forward without me.  An unforgettable memory never to be forgotten by the Piscotty family or by those who witnessed it in stands.

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