RIP Darryl Hamilton

Yesterday the news broke that Darryl Hamilton was dead. My first reaction was it can’t be the guy I watch on the MLB network. Unfortunately it was. I was saddened to hear that the calm cool former player I watch in the mornings on TV was no longer alive.

He was a player that played with several teams in his 13 year MLB career. He began his major league career in June of 1988 and singled in his first Major League at-bat, a ground ball up the middle. He would scatter more than 1,300 hits across 13 big league seasons.

On June 12, 1997, he recorded the first hit during an inter-league game in Major League history.

Hamilton finished his career with a .291 batting average. His patience at the plate – he walked 493 times, against 494 strikeouts – and bunting ability made him one of the peskiest leadoff men in baseball during the 1990s, a tone-setter who could cause problems for the opposition.

You will be missed Mr Hamilton.