Spring Training Sightings- the Freak and Big Sexy

All kinds of storylines are happening now that baseball is back.  Big Sexy aka Bartolo Colon is in a Rangers uniform and Tim Lincecum aka the Freak pitched a session for scouts outside of Seattle yesterday.  Who doesn’t love a good comeback story.

Bartolo is technically a non-roster invitee to the Rangers camp in Surprise, Arizona.  At 44 years old he will be fighting for a roster spot with Texas and bringing sexy back while throwing his fastballs.  His command is the thing that makes him enticing to the Rangers.  Even though some of the pitchers on the Rangers Roster are 23 years his junior, Bartolo can still find the strike zone making him a valuable commodity.  The Rangers struggled with that very thing last season.

His 20 year career began on June 7th, 1997 in Cleveland.  Last fall his season ended on October 1st against the Detroit tigers at Target Field as the  Minnesota Twins didn’t add him to their Wild Card Roster.  He left to a standing ovation with those in attendance thinking that would be his last appearance.  He has been on 10 different teams during his career and is the 18th pitcher in Major League Baseball to record wins against all 30 teams.

  1. Cleveland
  2. Los Angeles Angels
  3. New York Mets
  4. Oakland Athletics
  5. Chicago White Sox
  6. Minnesota Twins
  7. Atlanta Braves
  8. Boston Red Sox
  9. Montreal Expos
  10. New York Yankees

Colon takes all the jokes about his weight and nicknames in stride.  He’s listed at 285 lb on baseballreference.com.  It is unfortunate if he does join the Rangers that we won’t be able to see him swing a bat unless he pitches in a National League park.  His tenure with the New York Mets gave us some memorable at bats including his first ever career home run at the age of 42 in Petco Park.   You can hear the announcer say, “it’s one of the great moments in the history of baseball.”

If you’re cheering for Big Sexy I appreciate it because I am too.  Baseball is filled with so much young talent now it’s nice to see an old guy still perform on that level not to mention just have fun with it.  He’s told reporters that he promised his mother that he would keep pitching until he’s 45.  That means he’s got one more season for us to enjoy him taking the mound.

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