Start Singing the News

The Yankee Nation or Evil Empire as Red Sox fans call it, is officially moving forward with a new Manager after weeks of interviews.  In case you hadn’t heard his name is Aaron Boone. He was officially unveiled to the media today at his press conference in the Big Apple. Did Boone just accept the toughest job in all of sports?

I would have to argue yes. No other team has as many championships in any other sport not to mention the microscopic lens and spotlight that the New York press coverage can provide. In comparison in football it could be the Steeler job but we’re talking about 6 Super Bowl victories which pales in comparison to the Yankees 27 World Series championships.  In New York there is so much storied baseball history along with the list of Hall of Fame players that go along with the organization.

And then there is one of the most notable owners of all time in George Steinbrenner and the checkbook that he wasn’t afraid to open up when the Yankees needed a hole filled on their roster.  That philosophy hasn’t changed a whole lot since Steinbrenner passed in 2010.  They still have the funds to pursue any free agent that fits.

I met some of the Yankee upper management once years ago and it was very clear to me that they wanted to be the best.  The best in all aspects of the sport from their new Stadium they were building at the time to the team they put on the field.  It wasn’t arrogance it was just an expectation that they all believed in.  They are expected to get to the playoffs each year and if they don’t it’s more than just a disappointment.  A whole different mindset than most clubs in the league.

I hope Mr. Boone wants to be the best there is.   That is what is expected of him from Yankee Nation and the organization.  Welcome back to New York Aaron Boone.  We all certainly remember your game 7 home run against the Red Sox but we’ll all remember your first World Series championship even more.