Sunday and the NFL

I am going to veer off baseball today. Yes I apologize for the sport flip flop but It’s Sunday and it’s been snowing almost all day here in North Idaho. A cold gray day which has felt like football weather definitely not baseball weather.

I just finished watched the Steelers/Patriots game.  I watched the entire game because I was raised and am a Steeler fan and nothing can warm your heart on such a cold day than beating Brady and the Pats.  The game was at home and the 11-2 Steelers came with high hopes and their killer B’s (Big Ben, Le’veon Bell, and Antonio Brown).  Who knew Antonio Brown was going to leave before the half ?  He had to be helped off the field and head to the hospital after getting hit in the end zone.  As he left the field the crowd at Heinz field as chanting MVP.

It was a back and forth game and with these two teams and these two quarterbacks you always know anything is possible.  It always comes down to the very end.  My Steelers have been extremely lucky lately winning their last four games in the final minute or seconds by Chris Boswell kick.  So you start thinking the luck has to run out.

Well tonight it did.  The Steelers got the ball back with 52 seconds on the clock and one timeout.  They marched down the field in 2 plays to score a touchdown on a pass to the tight end Jesse James only to have the play overturned during replay and called an incomplete pass.  Complete gut punch.  We just thought we had beaten Brady and his team in the last minute in just two plays without Antonio Brown.  Steeler fans went from the highest high to the lowest low in a span of aboutsicty seconds.

We get one final play and it was like nobody knew what the play was and Ben throws it across the middle into triple coverage when a fade route would have been ideal.  The Patriots intercept the ball and game over.  We just didn’t capitalize.  We just didn’t execute.  We had the Patriots defense stunned and couldn’t deliver the knock out punch.  Final score 27-24 and the Patriots clinch the the East.  It will be a quiet night in Pittsburgh and a quiet night at my house on 5th Street.