Sunday Funday

Sundays typically for me include a hot cup of tea, a workout, a long walk with my dog, some laundry, grocery shopping capped off with a good home cooked meal on Sunday night with some baseball, football or a movie on TV. It’s hard to think about baseball today on this very dark and cold day in North Idaho.

Yes there is the Ohtani sweepstakes in progress along with what team does Giancarlo want to play for going on in MLB right now. But I’m going to keep it short and sweet today and go with something I saw on Sunday Morning on CBS. That’s another one of my favorite activities watching Sunday Morning. This week there was a story on Warren Buffett one of the richest people in the world.

I enjoy using baseball metaphors when talking about business and I guess so does Mr. Buffett. His quote to Sunday Morning was, “It’s like baseball he says: I get to stand there with a bat on my shoulder, and I wait for a fat pitch. And if the pitcher’s throwing ’em high and outside, I just keep waiting and waiting and waiting.” I appreciate his comment about being patient and waiting on the one you want and the one you know you can hit. He’s wants to increase his odds and wait on the sure thing and when you’re Warren Buffett and worth roughly 83 million dollars you can certainly do that.