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It’s The Unknown That Makes Baseball So Good

Watching the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees last night I heard something that clicked with me about the unknown. Tim Kurkjian one of ESPN’s announcers started discussing one of the great things about baseball was not knowing who would win the World Series this year.  It’s...
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Fun with Numbers – My Top Twenty

The game of baseball revolves around numbers. Lots and lots of numbers.  Baseball players wear numbers on their uniforms their positions on the field are numbered in the scorers book and your section and seat have a number when you go to the ballpark.  All those numbers are just...
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Global Warming- Is it for Real? Major League Baseball Players say NO

We’ve all heard the term global warming that’s been tossed around for years. I’m no scientist but scientists say our planet is getting warmer based on the temperatures that are being recorded.  Baseball fans and players can certainly argue global warming with the way the 2018 baseball season has...
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